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hey friend!

I'm Emilee and I'm so thrilled you are here. I'm a former 1st grade teacher turned work-at-home mama/photographer based in Gilmer, TX.

My goal is to make you and your loved ones feel at home in your photos. I will guide you the entire session to help create magic moments that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling when you look at them hanging in your home.

I know you have lots of options when it comes to photographers. So if you wanna work with someone who will hype you up and make you look/feel awesome during your session, drop me a line.
Let's get this party started!  

i'm so glad you are here!

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I totally get the stress of coordinating outfits and praying everyone cooperates. As a mom of two, the struggle is real. Is it a lot of work to make family photos happen? Most of the time, yes. Am I always glad I put forth the effort anyway? A thousand times YES.

As your photographer, I walk you through the entire process. From sending you an extensive welcome guide that shares the different sessions I offer to wardrobe help for the whole family. I want you and your people to feel at home in your photos. 

So stash the snacks for post-session and I'll work my magic to make this an unforgettable experience for you all. I can't wait to photograph your family and be the gal you turn to for documenting all those sacred moments in life.  

xo - Emilee

Feeling Overwhelmed?

i love word games like scrabble and boggle and even the newly popular wordle. 

I love growing zinnias in the summer. Backyard bouquets are my fave.

 I Collect lots of different things: typewriters, globes, quilts & vintage cameras
to name a few

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

I used to consider myself a night owl, but after two kids, I now consider myself an early bird.

5 fun facts about me