Jillian + Azrael :: Engagement Session

I met Jillian and Azrael the week after Thanksgiving. They had only been engaged for a few weeks, but their story began almost 4 years ago on day 4 of Jillian’s freshman year at LeTourneau. She and Azrael shared a Intro to Engineering class. Jillian had just presented a project for an app and she was pretty proud of her presentation. Once she sat down, she heard a snide remark behind her about “how her app wouldn’t work on an android.” She shared that she was totally thrown off guard by this “pipsqueak” (her words) and chased him across campus afterwards to introduce herself. They became instant best friends and would have weekly Thursday night dinners after their lab together. About 6 months later, they realized their feelings had become much more than friendship.

Jillian never imagined herself to be married, but she also really loved Azrael. They met the Zappisodis, Katie and Tony, who have mentored them during their time at college. This has been instrumental to their relationship and they are forever grateful for the Zappasodis’ investment in their lives.

Azrael decided to propose at Tyler State Park, but had a dilemma. He was already in Waco for an event, but wanted to see his brother baptized later that weekend in Waco. He came back to get Jillian and made a short detour to the state park. He parked them near a pier and got out. Jillian said she knew something was up because it didn’t make sense for him to make two back-to-back trips to Waco. He proposed and gave her a beautiful ring. She in turn gave him a ring as well. Their rings both symbolize their commitment to one another.

They plan to get married at The Arbor in Tyler, Texas next May & I can’t wait to capture their special day!

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