Savanna + Tanner :: Engagement Session

45 degrees Fahrenheit. That was the temperature the day we took Savanna and Tanner’s engagement photos. Savanna looked stunning in her lace dress, but I know she froze. They were up for all my crazy ideas and we ended with some beautiful portraits as a result.

Savanna and Tanner are high school sweethearts. They met each other while hanging out with some mutual friends and Tanner wasn’t sure at first if Savanna really was interested in him. Needless to say, they did finally get together and have been inseparable even since.

Tanner is a few years older and graduated first. He went to A&M and when Savanna graduated, she headed to SFA. Thus began the long distance relationship. Through many weekends back and forth, their love grew. It is evident that they love their dogs, the outdoors, and each other very much.

When it came time to pick a ring, Tanner had big plans of proposing in Colorado. He quickly realized this wasn’t going to pan out in the way he had hoped, so he began to formulate a plan B. This involved Enoch’s Stomp and a customized wine bottle that displayed “Savanna, will you marry me?” Of course, Tanner shared that he didn’t know the exact moment they were going to bring the bottle out and Savanna had no idea why they were being so insistent with the type of wine she would drink that night. Of course, as soon as she saw the proposal wine bottle, she was completely elated. These two are a dream and I can’t wait for their wedding at Dove Hollow in August. They are such a fun couple and it is an honor to capture this sweet time in their lives!

Thanks so much Savanna and Tanner for trusting me with these incredible moments!

Savanna’s beautiful dress is from Gaudy Me.

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