How to Pick a Photographer

How to Pick a Photographer

(that’s right for you)

Picking a photographer can be difficult. I’m here to help make that process a breeze. Read on for more tips in choosing a photographer that’s right for you!


1. Consistency and Style

First off, you want to make sure that the photographer you’re scoping out is consistent in their work and that you like their style. Style would include what they capture in photos and how they edit. There are many styles of photography, so it’s important that you love your photographer’s style. I really LOVE capturing authentic moments of joy versus posing my clients the entire time. When photographing kids, I let them take the lead and I capture them in their element. I am happy to include any posed photos my client prefers, but I also love to include those fun candids where we see the personality of your family. Weather and surroundings can also play a BIG factor in how your photos look. If it’s a cloudy day, you won’t have that sunny glow to your photos. Cloudy day photos can still be beautiful. I have included an example below!

Make sure you like the style of the photographer you are choosing.

2. Experience

Not only do you want a photographer that has experience, but you also want a photographer that provides an experience for each of their clients. One way to find out more about this is to ask the photographer about what all their session entails. Like I also mention in point 4, ask your friends about their experiences with this photographer. If they talk about how amazing and stress-free it was, you will know this photographer is right for you. If they share about how much they love their photos and their photographer, that will just seal the deal! I have a variety of unique locations I use for my sessions and I like to spend time getting to know each client to make sure their portraits are a true depiction of their family. My goal is for you to look at your photos and smile while remembering how much fun you had taking them.


3. Cost

These days you can literally find a photographer for any budget. If you find a photographer that you love who does cost more, don’t write them off. There is value and quality that goes into each photo they capture. Most photographers factor their costs into their prices. Prices will also vary based on what they are offering. If you want beautiful images, please consider that many factors go into the cost of photography including education and equipment. You are also helping another individual provide for their family. If nothing else, remember this:

Beautiful portraits are worth the investment!

4. Ask Around

Who are your friends using to capture their family memories? Usually the best referrals come from others who have found a photographer they know and love! Your friends will tell you if they’ve had a great experience or not. Once you’re a part of the Bird & Bicycle family, I send you something special for the referrals you send my way. If you live in the East Texas area, there are lots of talented photographers. I hope you are able to find one that is right for you!

If you’re interested in hearing more about the family sessions I offer, please let me know! I’d love to help you capture this season in life. Hop on over here to read about why I believe family sessions are SO important! Contact me to book your session!

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