Brandon Legan // GHS Senior 2019

Brandon Legan is headed to Southern Arkansas University to obtain a degree in Coaching, specifically for Pole-Vaulting. When asked what he has been most proud of during his high school career, he shared that he is very proud of pole vaulting. I watched him pole vault in socks, and was equally terrified/impressed. I was really hoping he did not hurt himself! Check out the photos below of him pole-vaulting. Brandon also said he admired his dad and talked about how much he would miss his friends once he graduated.

We had 3 different sessions. He had an unfortunate football injury during the fall 2018 season, but was thankfully able to play during the play-offs. We ended up doing football photos after he had healed from that. For his last session this Spring, Brandon’s best friend Dawson tagged along. He was a great assistant and you could tell that they really were close. I enjoyed being able to snap a few pictures of them in their caps and gowns at the end of the session.

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