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The morning was full of mist that cleared out by the afternoon. The beautiful sunny afternoon was beyond ideal for a wedding. Jillian had just graduated from LeTourneau the day before. I really loved all the thought that went into every detail of this wedding. Jillian’s garter had pieces of both her mom’s and grandmother’s wedding dress sewn on. It also had some handiwork done by her great-grandmother. Talk about special! Jillian spent this past year making 200 dish scrubbies as wedding favors. From what I heard, they are pretty hot commodity with her family and really get those dishes clean. Now having tried one, I can vouch that they are quite amazing. She shared that she would make them on the way to church and during church. We had to laugh. Their wedding was such a beautiful worship service. Not only did all the guests participate in the Lord’s supper with both Jillian and Azrael, but also we sang worship songs as a reminder of who gives us this gift of marriage. Their hand-written vows left me weepy. I’ve included snippets of each below.


“Jillian, I didn’t anticipate anyone changing my life as much as you have. Ever since we met, you’ve fascinated me, and to my surprise, you expressed interest in me too. You have included me in many of your adventures and I look forward to what’s ahead. You have challenged me with your openness and honesty to make myself known in return. I’ve gotten to grow with you and see you grow over the past few year and I’m looking forward to what God brings. I love you Jillian.”¬†


“People come to college for many different things. I came to find God in a deeper way, which I did in a very unexpected way. He brought Himself to me through a friendship with an unlikely person. A friendship unlike any other that I’ve had. God showed me Himself through you and I’ve experience Him in ways beyond what I could have ever imagined and in ways that words can’t describe. God has blessed me beyond my wildest dream by bringing you into my life. I wouldn’t trade anything for this beautiful future with you. You are my love and I will love you for all the days of my life.”

Jillian and Azrael took dance lessons that made their first 2 dances quite unforgettable. Both the bride and groom told me several times how important it was for them to visit with each of their guests and that is exactly how they spent their reception. I know they’ll never regret the time they spent laughing and chatting with dear friends and family. After sneaking away for some golden hour husband/wife portraits, they exited to bubbles and grinned the entire time. What a lovely day! Thank you Jillian and Azrael for allowing me to be a part of your wedding! Such an honor!

Some of their incredible vendors:

Venue: The Arbor

Flowers: Everlasting Memories by Amber

Cake: Ladyfingers 

  1. Rene Bingham says:

    What a beautiful wedding!

  2. Teri Bono says:

    Jillian, you look stunning! I’m so sad to have missed this beautiful, special day!! Much love to you, my girl!

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